Aphros Animation & Finding the Right Technology

A problem I faced with digital storyboards was the fact that I had no intuitive tool to create them. It wasn’t until I started working at Hoylu, a company that produces collaboration software, that I found what I was looking for – infinite storyboard templates…

The Case for Strong Growth in Enterprise Collaboration

Innovation in the area of workplace collaboration has quietly grown over the last several years, but over the next five years is primed to be one of technology’s strongest growth areas. The Enterprise Workplace Collaboration market is estimated to grow… Read More

Chasing the Dream of True Collaboration

One of the earliest promises of the internet was the concept of improved collaboration. Drawings and early concepts showed businesses, classrooms and the family working and communicating together in real-time while dispersed all over the city or the globe. The… Read More

Why Urgency is the Most Important Thing a Company has to Get Right

Today’s technology landscape is moving faster than before. It’s hard to stand out from your competitors when so many things are stacked against you. Time is everyone’s enemy; speed to market is listed as the number one factor in determining… Read More

When Did Workplace Technology Fall Behind?

The last decade has seen an unprecedented boom in the advancement and availability of personal device technology. Mobile phones, tablets, the shift from a stationary PC to a portable laptop, and technology like Smart TVs, wearables, connected cars and other… Read More

How To Work Effectively As A Team

Managers are placing a new importance on searching for people who are able to think innovatively, work with others, and truly be a collaborative within the workplace. Companies are seeing the value that ideation sessions and groups working together derive… Read More

Plan to Innovate

Definition of Innovation 1: the introduction of something new 2: a new idea, method, or device When setting out on a road trip most often you have a destination in mind and a thought-out plan on how to get there… Read More

The power of Storytelling

Storytelling isn’t a new thing for business, but it’s finally starting to get recognized for something unique and not part of general marketing. Storytelling is all about the experience and journey of a company, a product or simply an idea…. Read More

The New Meeting Room: Huddle Spaces

With the workforce changing more rapidly than ever before thought has been put into office design and functionality at a whole new level. The addition of new generations to the workforce that communicate and work drastically different than previous generations… Read More

The Digital Age of Agile Methodology

What is Agile Methodology? Well, it is a process that has been around for decades designed to help aid project management, scheduling, and planning. Many companies have adapted to this method to help their employees plan the most challenging projects… Read More

Let’s Reinvigorate Meetings

On average meetings cost businesses as much as $37 billion dollars per year and are more likely seen as unproductive or useless. More than often you see your colleagues doing other things like daydreaming, other work, or browsing. So why… Read More

Meetings Done Right

If you hate meetings, you’re in good company. In interviews with hundreds of executives in fields ranging from high tech and retail to pharmaceuticals and consulting, many executives told Harvard Business Review they felt overwhelmed by meetings. One said, “I… Read More

How to manage more effective meetings with Hoylu Connected Workspaces™

With many companies’ workforces not only being multi-location, but also the incorporation of remote employees, we are noticing the trend of regular conference calls being a commonalty. Some calls are specific to certain employees, regions, projects, or departments and some… Read More

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