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    Pull planning with Hoylu

    Pull planning is a planning methodology that offers transparency and accessibility across your project teams - and your subcontractors. It is perfect for when you want to get a good grip on time management, when you want to get get everyone working together, with being apart geographically - and when you want to finish your project ahead of time! 


    Pull planning is a planning methodology that offers transparency and accessibility across all teams working on your projects. The main difference to traditional planning is that you are starting at the very end. Basically you are starting with a major milestone, which is the project deadline. Then you work your way backwards from there. It might sound a bit strange at first, but we promise you that this will change your way of working and planning your projects forever.

    Traditionally, you would start a project by figuring out what to do the first few weeks and adjust the project as you go. This makes planning difficult because the long term goal is unclear and it is uncertain when you’re going to reach that milestone in the end. 

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    With pull planning you start with your deadline and work your way backwards. What tasks needs to be completed on a weekly basis, for the project to be finished? And the week before that; what tasks would need to be done, so your team are able to get started on those those last week tasks, to finish off the project? And so on and so on. Week by week, backwards, until you have gotten to the starting point - and the project can begin.


    "Hopefully, Pull planning will lead to better cooperation so you can always look at the current plan. It's very easy for people to see if changes have happened, even though you aren't able to come into the office or physically look at the plan." - Jakob Leitner, Co-founder at Hoylu.

    Add tasks as you go. In each task box you can add a description, how many days of work the task is going to take and how many people are working on it. Every task owner gets their own dedicated color; this helps to make it clear to everyone what tasks they are responsible for and makes implementation and time management easy. Each collaborative company or team member will be writing down their tasks, and all you need to do is try to find an order so you can reach that milestone.

    Pull the tasks into the planning workspace, and everyone is up to date! 

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