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    Webinar Replay: Distance Learning with Hoylu


    Watch our Webinar Replay with our Customer Experience team members, Porscha O'Neal and Lauren Bertino, showcasing Distance Learning and Virtual Classrooms with Hoylu. 

    While work submission and lesson plan programs are useful, sometimes you just need a space to provide all the resources to your students in a virtual space that provides a visual for students to follow. Hoylu provides over 55,000 pages of space for your classroom to interact, present from, and learn together in a single shared digital space. 

    We love seeing classrooms come together in Hoylu and use Hoylu for their collaborative space to interact with each other both in small groups and the entire classroom. 

    Webinar - Distance Learning with Hoylu from Hoylu on Vimeo.

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    Webinar Education Use Case

    Porscha Scott O'Neal

    Digital Innovator | Pro Brainstormer | Agent of Change | Workspace Wizard

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